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LA GUITAR FACTORY is will be the host and destination for a " GUITAR MUSIC CONCERT " with debut date of SUNDAY NOVEMBER 20 th, 2016. The debut concert will feature noted classical guitarist  Aris Quiroga. Joining Aris will be Troy Conn and Ari Lehtela on fretted and fretless guitars. Mr. Quiroga will also be providing hand percussion to round out the trio. This concert will start at 6pm and will be 45 minutes in duration.                             The Concert FEE will be $ 5.                            

Due to the limited " footprint " of our premises, the only way we can do this is on a " guest list " basis, with a maximum limit of 15 guests. If you have interest in attending this concert please contact us via the contact page on this website or by calling ( 704 ) 599-4410. Complimentary refreshments will be provided in our debut concert. Regarding parking: There is parking in the front of the building for up to 6 cars when parked at 45 degree angle to the front. There is several additional parking spots available directly to the left side of the building.

Our wish is to continue this format on a ONE-SUNDAY- per MONTH basis, with the GUITAR being the focus instrument of each concert. We plan to invite guest featured players for each concert - music idioms including classical, jazz, blues, world music, electronic and experimental ( + more ).

Sunday DECEMBER 11th  " FREE JAZZ PROJECT " quartet ( guitar,keys,bass,drums ) exploring music, inside                                                   and out. Show starts at 6pm, doors open at 5:30, limited seating - please contact                                                                                                       us to reserve a seat. Complimentary beverages provided. $ 5 admission( cash/check ).


 In its 19th year LA Guitar Factory continues its unique service to all guitar enthusiasts, especially to those in the region. Your continued support is much appreciated!

LA Guitar Factory provides full service, repair and restoration for all guitars including electric, acoustic and bass. The repair dept. is lead by Ari Lehtela who brings with him 30 years of experience in the field.

LA Guitar Factory also provides basic setup services such as restringing for other string instruments such as banjo, mandolin, violin and upright bass.

We are also GIBSON authorized service center for Gibson and Epiphone instruments.

Following is brief summary of services offered:

- restringing ( which includes tuning of strings to proper pitch )

- set up ( includes action adjustment, general cleaning, truss rod adjustment, restringing with new strings and intonation. Also included is ' once - over ' fret level and polish and minor nut slot adjustment, if necessary )

- fret level, crown and polish or just level and polish

- adjustment, replacement or making of a new nut

- re fretting

- electronics wiring services

- crack repair

- reseating of loose components such as the bridge or internal braces.

- detail cleaning

- correction of twisting and distortion of soundboard or the neck. This includes procedures such as replacement of fretboard, truss rod or the neck. In some cases a neck reset or possibly replacment of the soundboard.

- fitting of new or replacement parts icluding such things as hardware and pickups.

we stock guitar strings, pickups and replacement parts. Contact us to get a quote on the particular product before you make a purchase elsewhere as we may be able to better the price.

We have set prices on most services but some will be based on a per/hour charge as opposed to a set fee. Some discounting is offered when combining services, example being a set up combined with any fretwork.

Call or email us if you have a question and/or would like to schedule an appointemnt for service.

8125-D Old Concord Road
Charlotte NC 28213



We recommend  that you make an appointment especially if coming in outside of Charlotte or dropping off or picking up a repair. Our hours may vary so please call 704.599.4410 if you're planning to visit especially near opening or closing hour ! Special appointments may also be made outside of posted hours ~ simply contact us to make such arrangement.